Start saving for your future today by enrolling in PRS Online and be in the running to receive the Grand Prize of RM3,000 in PRS units!

Online enrolees during the contest period will also stand the chance to enter the Grand PRS Treats Draw to receive the 2nd Prize RM2,000 and 3rd Prize RM1,000 in PRS units.

That’s not all. In the lead up to the Grand Prize, you also get a chance to be one of the 20 to receive RM100 in PRS units for the Monthly Draw. A total of 80 Monthly PRS Treats is up for grabs over the course of four months.


Prizes are in PRS Units.


STEP 1: Enrol via PRS Online for the first time.

STEP 2: Answer 3 simple questions in the online Contest Form after enrolling to be in the running.

If you have a referrer, enter their PPA Account number when you enrol and they too will get RM100 in PRS Units if you are selected as a Monthly PRS Treat Recipient.

In the remarks section of the enrolment page, the referred enrolee will need to type:

New PRS Members who enrol online will also enjoy:

• Waiver of the RM10 PPA account opening fee

• 0% sales charge if you’re aged 30 and below

Click here to see if you get a RM100 PRS Treat.

Visit PPA Malaysia or to find out more.

Enrolment Treats’ Terms & Conditions

Get To Enjoy Everything You Work For. Save In PRS.